The Yukon Salmon Resiliency Conference took place in Whitehorse, Yukon November 20-22, 2018. It was a great success with 100 attendees registered from Yukon First Nation Governments, Renewable Resources Councils, Management Agencies, not for profits and the public. The four strategic themes, including a special afternoon of storytelling and a multi-media presentation and numerous presenters from throughout the Yukon and British Columbia, added to what was a unique meeting of the resilient salmon people in Yukon. A special thank you to the Pacific Salmon Foundation for supporting this event as well as the many presenters, steering committee, conference organizers, facilitator, Salmon in the Schools program, and Eugene Alfred for his Salmon's Journey artwork. Finally, thank you for your interest in Yukon Salmon!

See the final conference video and photos, presentations and conference report.

New Salmon Research

What new research and science will provide insight into Yukon's salmon challenges and opportunities?

New Steps in Restoration

How can we learn from our local successes and external initiatives to support Yukon salmon rebuilding efforts?

Perspectives on Plans and Planning

Why is community-based salmon planning essential for the Yukon's salmon recovery?

Culture, Ceremony, Celebration through Storytelling

Why is it important to honour the past in order to move forward into the future?

Strategies to Move Forward

What strategies and action plans can we commit to locally, regionally, and globally to support Yukon salmon conservation and restoration?