Mark Cleveland - Sr. Technical Advisor - Skeena Fisheries Commission and Head Biologist - Gitanyow Fisheries Authority, Gitanyow, B.C.

Mark has over 25 years experience working in the natural resources sciences, including time spent working for government, industry and consulting in parks, wildlife, forestry and fisheries.  He has been a Registered Professional Biologist in BC in good standing since 2003 and holds a degree in Biology from the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) in Prince George, BC.  He also has technical diplomas in fish and wildlife and Natural Resources Law Enforcement from Sir Sandford Fleming College in Lindsay, Ontario.   He has extensive knowledge in fish and fish habitat assessment, salmonid stock assessment, fisheries management, project management and environmental impact assessment.  Mark has been employed full-time by the Gitanyow Fisheries Authority (GFA) since 1999 where he oversees all aspects of GFA's technical activities, including budgeting, staffing, proposal writing, field work supervision and reporting.  He is also a senior technical advisor to the Gitanyow Chiefs at many resource management tables, acting as the direct link between science and the politics of decision making.  Mark also represents various First Nation’s at the regional level through his work with the Skeena Fisheries Commission (since 2004) and at a provincial level through the First Nations Fisheries Council’s Salmon Coordinating Committee (since 2013).  He also sits on DFO’s Integrated Harvest Planning Committee as a First Nations representative (since 2012) and more recently (2018) has been appointed to the Pacific Salmon Commissions Northern Boundary Technical Committee as a Canadian delegate.